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Two Worlds, and the Spaces Between
Duo Exhibition by Little Blue Moon and MaryAnn Loo
27 Jul 17, Thu

We have a show coming up next Thursday at Utterly Art Gallery! Collaborating with MaryAnn Loo, this show explores the dynamics of alternate and coexisting viewpoints, through our whimsical petite paintings.

“Two Worlds, and the Spaces Between” is our first duo exhibition, and a presentation of viewpoints to art forms and storytelling.

I created an open-ended “Space” between the audience and my works by pairing narrative and abstract paintings. Each pair explores how formal elements of art can be contrasting, and yet harmonising. At the same time, the narratives present alternate viewpoints to our world through the eyes of small beings residing in whimsical habitats. (

MaryAnn explores themes of longing and separateness in her narrative watercolor paintings. Drawing from her own personal experiences and stories, her whimsical artworks toe the line between the illusory nature of romance and the truth about love and connection. (@penguingirl_art)

Download our show write-up if you want to know more. Come join us on opening night!